Memories. We all have them. Whether they’re good or bad, they’re there. We’d like to forget some, and part others never fade away. The entry for day 5 in my 30 day blog challenge is….

What is your earliest memory?

Many people say most children don’t have memories from when they’re very young, but I don’t believe that at all. My earliest memory is from when I was only 3 years old. I remember things about my great-grandfather. I remember being about 10 years old and talking about him. I said I remembered him, and some family members said that there was no way I could remember him because he died when I was almost 4. They said I probably only remembered things that my parents told me about him.

Later that night I told my dad that I DID remember my great-grandfather. I even have him a specific memory. I said “I remember him giving us graham crackers every time we left their house. They kept them in the big cupboard by the door.” My dad said he had never told me that before, and that he did believe that I remembered my great-grandfather. He said he believed me the whole time because he too had had realy early memories for his grandparents.

Dont get me wrong, I feel that a lot of our early memories see from stories were told by our relatives, but I feel others are with us for a reason.

I hope to hear some of your early memories!

Take Care,



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