Day 7: What’s in your bag?

I’m one week in to my 30 day blog challenge. Today’s topic, what’s in your bag? (or wallet/desk for all the fellas)

So here’s what’s in my purse at the moment. It’s actually not a lot because I recently cleaned it out. Ha ha.


Wallet – because you need to keep your cards/cash somewhere!

Keys – Can’t drive without them. Lol.

Snacks – Ya never know when you might get hungry. Also, with having a child, I like to keep stuff on hand. I usually keep fruit bars or granola bars in there, and a packet or two of shakeology.

Dental Floss – Am I weird for having it in my purse?? Ha ha.

Pen – Mostly for when I go grocery shopping. I like to have a list and check stuff off as I go.

Lotion – I have really dry skin. 😦

Hair Tie – For those bad hair days, or just when it’s bothering me.

Chap Stick – I currently have candy cane, but I usually have mint.

Tylenol – We all get headaches!

Eye Drops – I wear contacts, so I get dry eyes occasionally.

So, what’s in your bag?


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