Day 8: Old Photo

So day 8 of my 30 day blog challenge is old photos. I wish I had some of the old photo albums, but they’re all at my dads house. I did manage to find some old picture on Facebook, and in the alums on my iPad. Here are a few I ddecided to share….

The first one is of us at an amusement park when Liam was 2 years old.

image imageThe one of him in the ball pit was when he was 1 and a half.

This one is when he’s about 8 months old at a picnic at my dads house. He always made funny faces when he was eating baby food. Lolimage

This was one of our very first family photos. Liam was 6 months old. image image And this one is of me and my pappy when I was 3 years old.


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