Wacky Wednesday: Kids in the Kitchen

So I used to do a Wellness Wednesday post, but I thought this would be a better post instead. I’d love to post something random each Wednesday. Hence the name “Wacky Wednesday!” It will be anything from wellness, health, to kids recipes and activities. I think it’ll be a really fun post because it’ll be differenteach week! šŸ™‚ Anyway, this week I decided to make a kids recipe post. My son absolutely LOVES to help me in the kitchen, and I love coming up with different, fun, yummy recipes we can make together. AlthoughI dont have a picture, this is one of his favorite things to make. šŸ™‚



    • English Muffin of choice. (we use Food for Life)
    • pizza sauce
    • shredded cheese (we like mozzarella)
    • your favorite toppings such as lean sausage, pepperoni, and any veggies, like, peppers, black olives, broccoli, mishrooms, tomatoes, etc.


1. Toast your English muffins.

2. Spread on pizza sauce.

3. Sprinkle cheese on top and add your toppings.

4. Put on cookie sheet and put into broiler for a few minutes, until cheese is melted.Ā 





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