Sunday Funday: Snowed in!

What a weekend!!! It started snowing at our house at 6pm on Friday, and didn’t stop until 10pm on Saturday. Needless to say we got almost 31 inches of snow, and there were driving bans all over the county. Luckily we didn’t lose power and we got to stay toasty warm inside. It was so much windy yesterday that we weren’t able to play outside, but today was perfect for playing. I snapped a few pictures of my little guy and our dog playing, as well as some shots showing how awful the snow was. They haven’t lifted the driving bans yet, so we weren’t able to drive to our favorite sledding spot. Hopefully tomorrow though!!! 🙂

My hubby got to do all the shoveling since I’m pregnant. :-p

Though there was a lot of work with shoveling, some fun was had. Lol. Our dog absolutely LOVED it out there and didn’t want to come inside. Haha



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