Sunday Funday: Not so Funday.

I was so ready to get back on track with my blogging this week. Funny how just a phone call can change your mood. On Monday I received a call from my doctor that my tests came back, and there is a chance I may have cervical cancer. I’m really going to try to stay on track with my blog so I can keep my mind off of the negative stuff. Baby is fine, so that’s all that matters to me! I go back in on February 10th to get checked out to see if there is any cancer present. If any of you pray, I’d really appreciate the extra prayers. Once I’m done here, im going to work on my meal planning, so I’ll be sure to post my menu plan tomorrow for those of you who follow that. 🙂 Again, thanks to all of you who have stuck with me with my on and off posting. I feel so lucky to have you guys continue to read my blog, and I promise to try harder to stay on track!!! 😀