Sunday Funday: Not so Funday.

I was so ready to get back on track with my blogging this week. Funny how just a phone call can change your mood. On Monday I received a call from my doctor that my tests came back, and there is a chance I may have cervical cancer. I’m really going to try to stay on track with my blog so I can keep my mind off of the negative stuff. Baby is fine, so that’s all that matters to me! I go back in on February 10th to get checked out to see if there is any cancer present. If any of you pray, I’d really appreciate the extra prayers. Once I’m done here, im going to work on my meal planning, so I’ll be sure to post my menu plan tomorrow for those of you who follow that. 🙂 Again, thanks to all of you who have stuck with me with my on and off posting. I feel so lucky to have you guys continue to read my blog, and I promise to try harder to stay on track!!! 😀


Super Saturday: Apple Picking

Today we got to try something new. We went apple picking! There’s a cute orchard not too far from us, and we decided it was a great day to check it out. We do pick your own pumpkins every year, but we’ve never done the pick your own apples. Anyway, we had an absolute blast! We were having so much fun that we didn’t even realize how many apples we picked. It ended up being 25 pounds of apples. That’s a LOT of apples!!! We picked a few pumpkins as well. I got some pretty cute pictures of Liam while we were there. He had so much fun. He ran up and down the rows talking about the different kinds of apples, and how huge some of them were. 🙂





We got home and sorted all the apples because we ended up picking 5 different kinds. After sorting all the apples, I washed them and laid them on the counter to dry. We talked about what we wanted to do with all of them. My husband and I decided on apple dumplings, and Liam said he wanted to make some homemade applesauce! We also kept quite a few to eat! 🙂 Lets just say tomorrow will be a fun filled day of baking! I’m sure my house is going to smell like an apple factory. 😀 I’ll be sure to get some pictures and let y’all know how it went!!

Off the grid….

Hey guys!

Remember me??? I know I never really had a lot of followers, but that’s the life of a new blogger. So I kinda fell off the grid for a while. There has been so much going on in my life over the last several months. I guess I’ll fill y’all in…well, anyone who actually reads my posts. Haha.

Well, I last posted in April. Since then, I’ve gone from part time to full time at my job, we went on a fabulous vacation, my little man started Kindergarten, I’ve hosted a few get togethers at our house, I threw a kick ass birthday party for my son, and there have been some personal things going on which I may share with y’all because I’m sure some of you may have experienced something similar. Anyway, hope all is well with everyone. I’m looking forward to getting back into my blogging, hearing from y’all, and catching up on everyone’s blogs!!

Take Care,


Day 8: Old Photo

So day 8 of my 30 day blog challenge is old photos. I wish I had some of the old photo albums, but they’re all at my dads house. I did manage to find some old picture on Facebook, and in the alums on my iPad. Here are a few I ddecided to share….

The first one is of us at an amusement park when Liam was 2 years old.

image imageThe one of him in the ball pit was when he was 1 and a half.

This one is when he’s about 8 months old at a picnic at my dads house. He always made funny faces when he was eating baby food. Lolimage

This was one of our very first family photos. Liam was 6 months old. image image And this one is of me and my pappy when I was 3 years old.

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday, y’all!

What is everyone up to this weekend? Any big plans, or are you just staying in? I’m such a homebody, so we’re usually home most weekends. We take little trips here and there, not so much during the winter, but now that the weather is going to be warming up we will do more. We just really love being together on the weekends.

We have a birthday party today, and Liam and I are very excited to see some of our family. The hubby has to work, so he probably won’t be able to make it. All my family lives 2 or more hours away, so I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like. We’re extra excited about seeing everyone because we are finally going to introduce them to our puppy.

Back in December, we adopted our first puppy, Gamora. We got her right before Christmas, and she was only 8 weeks old. This is the first time she will be taking a long car ride, so I’m anxious to see how she does. She LOVES people, so I know she’s going to be thrilled to be in a house with 20+ people. He he. She isn’t too happy right now because I made her get a bath. I got a cute picture of her looking at me, like, “I’m not speaking to you right now, Mom!” ha ha. I figured  I’d share it with y’all because it’s just too funny. Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Take Care,